Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pathfinder RPG: Random Adventure Complaint

Maybe I'm just being a wet blanket but I'm not seeing a lot of good, inexpensive adventures coming out. Part of it is that I miss the golden age of Dungeon Magazine. It was a fabulous source, a veritable well-spring of ideas and brief adventures. And brevity is a keyword here in case the underlining doesn't do the trick. Words have replaced tables and maps and diagrams that clarify and I'm not enjoying this trend either, particularly because my memory for names, dates and little factoids isn't prime. Hell, I don't wanna fill my head with volumes of quaint and forgotten lore, I just want to run a light (verbiage light, plot deep), exciting campaign.

As I've mentioned, I bought Curse of the Crimson Throne a while back, but it just doesn't thrill me. Don't get me wrong, it's high quality stuff, just not my cup of tea as a GM. I don't mind adventure paths but they seem to be too verbose for my tastes. I'd still like an opportunity to run Savage Tide. And hey, while I'm wishing here, wouldn't it be nice if it could be collected in one volume and updated for the Pathfinder RPG? Otherwise I'm scanning back issues of Dungeon Magazine and having to restat everything. Too much work there and I'm trying to simplify my gaming life, not complicate it further.


John Reyst said...

I haven't read it but you could check out the adventures from Saga Work Studios. By my brief examination the free one looked *extremely* appealing.

AWizardInDallas said...

You sir, just read my mind! I've actually read it and like it a great deal, though I'm sort of tired of demon adventures. There's no gray area with killing demons! They're baaaaad!

However, I visited the company's website and they don't have much more than the first module and the blog post is a little troubling because it sounds like a small shop or one guy with little dev time, with which I *totally* empathize. I'm going to keep my eye on this one for sure.

John Reyst said...

I agree. It looks like a 1-guy deal to me too, but I can surely sympathize with that situation. I supported him by purchasing his other adventure that is available in the Paizo store and sent him an email saying I'd like to feature him on the main page of the site. I hope he's ok with it because his products are just what I am looking for... well not necessarily from a story perspective because in all honesty I didn't even read the adventure. I just like the *look* of it and the included maps and hand-outs that I want to show his products some love.

Obiri said...

I've wanted to run Savage tide too but I fear it length. My group went through Age of Worms in 18 months and people were pretty sick of it by then end. We do the newer Paizo APs in 6-8 months and even then we start to feel some fatigue by the end.

It would be nice if they could reprint ST though.

AWizardInDallas said...

Well, one of the reasons I like Savage Tide is that if you don't want to run all 12 parts, you can veer away and make the adventure about exploring the Isle of Dread, or pirates, or rebuilding the town on the Isle of Dread. It has a nice lose branching structure that lends itself to the campaign taking on a life or it's own, somewhat organically. But alas, it'll never be.

I've got scans of the first four parts but it's a lot of work to organize and convert.

ronjax2000 said...

Here's a different one I came across today that *may* fit the bill:

It's from Expeditious Retreat Press and designed for 1 player and a GM using the Pathfinder system. It can be modified for more players at slightly lower level by increasing the enemy count if desired.

I don't much about the company and they could be a single entity as well. They state more is coming...

A preview is available on the drivethruRPG site.


ronjax2000 said...

...and, of course, I find - after I leave my comment - that they also have a second Pathfinder module posted as well on the drivethru site:

1 on 1 Adventures #13: The Pearls of Pohjola

They also have previous d20 modules there as well in the same vein and it looks like they just switched over to Pathfinder and are going to keep moving forward.


AWizardInDallas said...

I'm also considering going the Dungeoncrawl Classics route and Necromancer has some good longer adventures too though they're set in the Scarred Lands setting. Speaking of which you might take a look at using that as you base setting. It has a classic AD&D feel to it. :)