Monday, September 21, 2009

Valley of Obelisks 3

I had to restock Slaughtergarde Laboratory with Bladelings, an Ebon Cabal wizard and some rogue mercenaries caught in the middle. So, right from the start, Slaughtergarde demanded modification.
This is another preservational post from an elsewhere blog.

Session 3: Original Post Date: 4/2/2007 6:44 PM
Hell hath no fury like a swirling extraplanar vortex and shrapnel hurling demons… It might be ill news when a would-be bandit lord decides to invite a wizard of the Ebon Cabal to explore a piece of legendary Slaughtergarde while leaving his son in charge. But this is the situation the fellowship would soon face! Using the advantage of Saille's and Jalis's last-time survival, the new fellowship's first guided foray through pendulum blades and beyond into an ancient demonic operating room, one where the instruments bleed, was a definite surprise: bladelings from Acheron!

After a hasty retreat, the barring of doors, the fellowship regroups and decides to take a different, yet unexplored path. They discuss strategies for dealing with more of the nearly invulnerable metallic demons. Slogging through deep mud and dealing with the nuisance of a lizard the fellowship finally reaches a set of copper doors. Then, Saille finds herself faced with a standoff in a narrow hall: a goblin ranger and his hunting hyena, left behind and cutoff from escape by bladelings and bandits, wanting safe passage from the shattered halls of Slaughtergarde. The goblin ranger, knowing full well he has no way out, fires on Saille. A brief battle ensues before the stand-off ends in the death of goblin and pet. More mud and then… bladelings!

Ready this time for battle with this most difficult of enemies, the fellowship fought the bladelings toe-to-toe, a new strategy this time winning out! Then, hearing the sounds of rushing air, the popping of electricity, they walked cautiously into the shattered gate room finding many dead, an extraplanar wind, a swirling vortex in the ceiling and more bladelings still! Rushing into battle unafraid this time the heroes pull out all the stops in an effort to rescue Traeban. Ivellios charges headlong into battle, assisting Hilda with the menace of bladeling death. Saille fires at a passing bladeling from the doorway assisting Jalis and Duira with an angry bladeling, himself rushing into battle bringing the curse of death for dwarven and elven intruders. Draupnir charges headlong into a third bladeling allowing his rage to knock it into a wall, then prone. Duira falls! Draupnir too! Oh no! Out of the frying pan and into the fire?

Not this time! Craving survival, the bladelings seek to turn the tide by launching a surprise: cones of metallic shrapnel! But it's too late, though bleeding from grievous wounds and near death camaraderie prevails! Healing magic and lives saved.. No companion dies this time! Then, yet another surprise in examining the shrapnel-shredded bodies of bandits and mages: Dranthor, the summoning wizard of the Ebon Cabal, hands Ivellios a key and with his dying breath bids him to cast it into the vortex, thus closing the way to Acheron. In doing so the room calms once more and the fellowship, retrieving Traeban and the two remaining crates of spice, at last make their way back to Plisker. With no betrayal apparent they are paid and on their way happily, victoriously back to Sumberton, their mission at last a success!

Now, after much business concluded what else lays in store for the intrepid new fellowship? Ah, yes… Saille makes a contact through the Blue Handclasp monastery and obtains an audience with the Luminous Order, sure that they would want to know that parts of Slaughtergarde survive! Soon, off to the Shining Citadel to meeting with a Luminary Captain! What perils lie upon the road ahead?
Things to note:
  1. The quote is: "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" (The Mourning Bride (1697) by William Congreve; the real quote is "Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.").
  2. I had to restock the first Slaughtergarde dungeon and make up a new story too. I'll post my notes in a future blog. In essence though, I restocked the dungeon with bladelings, frightened mercenary rogues and an Ebon Cabal wizard bent on contacting Hell for some tasty forbidden knowledge.
  3. The battle was one of the better ones in the campaign, far better than the original foray. I played the bladelings like near-invulnerable Borg.
  4. The party didn't find the "in-dungeon" clues at all, so I had to resort to the adventure's plan B and have the characters visit Captain Harrak at the Shining Citadel.


Kael Hunt said...

Stupid goblin. And hey, maybe we were just trying to give you a challenge when we left the dungeon "clueless" heheh -Saille

AWizardInDallas said...

Boy did I err in the original post: that was a gnoll not a goblin. :)

Kael Hunt said...

Nope, no error: the critter at the end of the narrow hall was a goblin ranger. I know, 'cause he shot at me. Gnolls were in the 3d sliver, as I recall, 'cause they were feeding the troll.

Also, I would like to mention, despite not liking the purchased adventure, you managed to turn it into a really interesting campaign :-)

AWizardInDallas said...

You are correct. So was I, originally. Dang my memory! I don't know why I remembered him as a gnoll.

I appreciate that, but I'm still gonna go with my gut next time and select better campaign material.