Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gaming Industry Interview Triad

I anticipate taking the majority of the three-day weekend off from blogging to further the noble cause of gaming! Yes, that's right... I don't just blog about it, I game master my ass off! We're going to get in some some play this weekend come hell or high wizardry!

Unfortunately "the regulars" are unavailable, so I've decided to trial the younglings on a little bit of classic AD&D 2E goblin hell in "Tallow's Deep" (Issue #18 Volume III, Number 6, July/August 1989). This is a D&D 3.5 conversion. I'd be glad to share my conversion notes if anyone expresses an interest.

I'm also being a "vacation hog" and I took the rest of the week off from the coal mines while the younglings are in school. Hazah! Maybe I'll get in a little painting in on my Reaper collection too. I just spent a couple of hours organizing the chickens, um... paints (guess the movie reference...). Who knows what other gaming mischief we'll get into?! Again, Hazah!

Of course, I'll be continuing my series on the Pathfinder RPG next week too. I've also had a special blog request I'll be working on too.

I'm rather proud of my gaming industry interview triad so I'm presenting a little "best of" index below:

My Interview with TSR, Inc.: Part I
My Interview with TSR, Inc.: Part II
My Interview With Wizards of the Coast

I'll be back.

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